Sunday, April 19, 2015

Super Human Strength Mom

I've always been strong but now that I'm a mom, I swear I have super human strength! Can I just get an Amen to all my mommas out there first off. I'm about to go into this mystical realm that all moms know about but others speculate. Moms please feel free to add your stories under comments below to share! These stories I have are just awesome and hilarious. The first one that comes to mind is yesterday while in the kitchen, Londyn was playing away in her bumbo chair and I all of a sudden hear this loud buzzing. I look and there is this massive horsefly that came out of no where. In my kitchen....near my daughter! And yes, before I killed this gigantic horse fly I said the words " you're not gonna touch my daughter" and with one smooth superhero like swoosh....I killed that bastard with my handy dish towel! With one swing at it! I looked over at my daughter Londyn (who is 10 months)and even she was impressed! As I walked over to see it on the ground dead, I thought to myself wow I've never experienced this sort of protection before. Yep, Super Human shit right there right, lol?! 

Londyn is 10 months old and weighs about 22lbs. Now, this is a lot of weight when you hold her in one arm all day every day. It's as if I have a super human lock on her with my left arm, lol. She can try and do a back flip, somersault , front dive whatever, and she isn't going no where. Last night, I measured my left arm compared to my right, and's a whopping inch bigger than my right! What the hell? I'm gonna have to start lifting weights with JUST my right arm so I don't look like a crab!And here I am with my little munchkin with my left arm lock as usual,ha ha. Mom's don't forget to share your super human strength stories at the bottom!

Love~ Alison & Londyn

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